Shelter Cymru Infographic Video 2014-2015

Christmas E-Card 2016

Christmas E-Card 2015

Christmas E-Card 2014

Transport for London: Proposed Roadside Phone Redesign

CreditCall Payment Engine Presentation

TwinTalk Advert

Taylor's Etc. Bedroom and Bathroom Renders, iCreate Ltd.

Credit Call JEM Payment System

In-Cell Phone Proposal

Animated Slides for Salvation Army Addiction Presentation

Icon Designs for British Telecom

British Telecom: Proposed In-Cell Phone

Technical Diagrams for British Telecom/Interquartz UK Ltd.

Proposed Play Frame Design for Swansea based Client

Illustrated Floorplans, iCreate Ltd.

Christmas E-Card 2012

Interactive Flyover of Southshields, iCreate Ltd.