A Dungeon Crawler in a Deck of Cards.

Deck Dungeon is a fun and frantic game of grand exploration, strange encounters, fabulous treasures, dice duelling, wild destinations, strong motivations and explosive climaxes - all in a pocket sized package.


The aim of Deck Dungeon is to have the most valuable hand of cards before the end of the game, which you'll do by making positive outcomes, plundering treasure chests, completing goals and avoiding knockouts.

The game takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, and all players need to get started is a six sided dice and a representative avatar. All cards have mechanical explanations and unique outcomes printed to keep up the pace.

The randomly generated nature of the game means that no one campaign of Deck Dungeon plays out the same. Along the way you'll bump into a cast of colourful bandits, dungeon dwellers, enchanted slime, royal family members, odd contraptions, playful spirits and brawny bosses that make up the game's encounters, not to mention a trove of treasures and other oddities.

The game has a minimalist aesthetic and lighthearted humour throughout, as well as a somewhat quirky attitude. Deck Dungeon is a playful mix of party games and tabletop RPGs, and should appeal to fans old and new of both.


Deck Dungeon was created with an opensource philosophy, and it's intended for creative players to experiment with the game in any way they see fit. This includes anything from new rules and custom player pieces to new cards, new mechanics and remixing with other titles.

It's my intention to keep the title updated with tweaks, fixes and new content, and in future expansions with new mechanics and special themed editions of the title. I am also available to create custom artwork to personalise a players experience, should they be interested.

It's my belief that Deck Dungeon should be accessible to anyone. For that reason the title is available to print and play yourself and also available to play on Tabletop Simulator for free.

I'll be posting irregular updates on the game on my personal twitter account, so expect to see more little details come up in the run up to a hopeful full production release!